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Top 10 2-year CD Rates

September 12, 2011

This blog is dedicated to top 10 lists of CD Rates.  Available interest rates for 2-year CDs will be featured first.

CD Rate Table*

Name Rate FDIC/NCUA#

Alliant CU 1.69% 67955

Airbanking, div. of MainStreet Bank 1.50% 57742

Melrose CU 1.41% 62005

Aurora Bank 1.38% 30890

Alostar Bank 1.37% 59060

Discover Bank 1.35% 5649

Ascencia, div. of PBI Bank 1.31% 9413

Velocity Credit Union 1.31% 68359

Ally Bank 1.30% 57803

Landmark Bank, NA dba 1.14% 34832

CD Rates continue to drop like rocks. I suspect if the Fed keeps their promise of keeping rates low into 2013, that 5-year CD rates will drop below 1.00% and 2-year rates will get to around 0.50%. So I wouldn’t hold off and hope for a better deal at this point.


The above sites provide access to rates that they find. I would suggest checking them out. I don’t believe the economy is going anywhere. If you can, now would be a great time to refinance mortgages, cars, trailers, etc. 15-year mortgage rates are in the mid-3.00%. We tried but our home value had dropped to far. Still we have decent rate at 5.87%. We bought our house about 9-years ago.

Anyway with rates as low as they are, paying off high interest debt gives you a much better return. Just some thoughts.

*Disclaimer: Banks and Credit Unions reserve the right to change their rates at anytime. Please let us know if listed rates have changed since being posted.